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Gregorio Ties

The Latino culture is rich in beauty and history filled with diversity, color and steep in traditions. It makes me think about family, language, music, art, religion… I think about the struggles of my mother and father and my abuelitos coming to the U.S. and all they did to give us a better life. They are real warriors. I think about the Latino contributions to society, such as, Chocolate, concept of zero and dance. I think about Latinos who have made many strides socially, politically and economically and from a fashion point of view I wanted to celebrate those successes while staying connected to our Latino traditions with a unique elegant line of neckwear.

Gregorio Apparel celebrates the rich vibrant spirit of Latino culture with a unique handmade one-of-a-kind 100% premium silk scarves and neckties, featuring designs that carry over the exquisite colors and images of the Latino culture more often observed through art, architectural styles and pottery. The inaugural Gregorio collections commemorate the iconic images of the Mexico's Aztec Eagle Warriors, Lotería and even the inspiration of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Each collection tells a story of Latino culture, but these exquisite designs transcend boundaries and appeal to anyone who likes to be on the cutting edge of fashion.

The goal is to dress today’s fashion conscious person for their day at the office or for the social professional occasion allowing him or her to feel the pride and exhibit the beauty of the Latino culture.
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