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North of the Templo Major is a building called House of the Eagles, the double pyramid is dedicated to the Aztec gods Tlaloc and Huitzilopochtli. At the entrance on both sides you will find two life-size ceramic sculptures of Eagle Warriors. These great sculptures highlight the role of the elite warriors in Aztec military.

In Aztec civilization, all boys learned about warfare. However, only the best students advanced to become either an Eagle warrior or Jaguar warrior. The Eagles were warriors of the sun, for the eagle was the symbol of the sun. Along with the Jaguar warriors, what made the Eagle warriors such an elite class was that entry into this warrior society was not limited to nobility, but open to commoners known as "macehuales". They were the most feared and famous of all Aztec soldiers.


Price: $ 44.50

Material: 100% Premium Silk; Textured polyester lining; Gregorio brand label is sewn behind the tail of the tie and is made in the same material as the lining. All ties are packaged in a Kraft Pillow Gift Box and adorned with a raffia ribbon.

All orders will be shipped via U.S. Postal Office - Priority Mail.
The shipping rates are as follows:
. 1-3 Items - $5.95
. 4-8 Items - $7.95
. 9+ Items - $9.95


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